Sunday, 18 November 2007

Oxford, UK

Catherine: After much delay and procrastination we have decided on a potential route! Here we go: UK - Bangkok overland to Singapore - Sydney overland to Melbourne - Christchurch overland to Auckland - Home! It sounds simple, yes, but ACTUALLY it's going to be a mega awesome trip.

Philippa: We're looking to spend about three months in Asia, one month in Australia and one in NZ. Hopefully we'll be booking our flights in about two weeks, and in the meantime we're researching where our overland travel should take us and what's worth seeing.

C: Personally, I'm intrigued to see how this blog will develop and where we'll actually end could be somewhat different. Somehow I can already tell that my entries on this blog aren't going to be particularly useful or coherent or sensible. Oh well, that's just tough.

P: I forgive you for making more noise than sense but would like to apologise to all readers at this point.

C: This concludes our first entry. We promise successive entries will make more sense and be less rambling.....maybe. Bye for now!!!!